Understanding donor behaviour to increase aid for developing nations

The UK government recently began offering 28 percent tax relief on charitable donations made by UK taxpayers through a program called Gift Aid. Recognizing this as an opportunity to increase its funds, Oxfam GB approached IDEO to design ways in which the organization could increase the number of people signing up for the Gift Aid program. The project focused on three areas: in-store awareness of the Gift Aid program, in-store sign-up experience, and connecting donor information to the donated goods for tax relief.

The team built an Oxfam shop in the basement of IDEO London, using the space to prototype concepts and iterate thinking and ideas, continually collecting feedback from the client, designers, Oxfam volunteers, and donors. Based on all of the insight and information gathered, IDEO created the design concept “Tag Your Bag,” offering an obvious, simple, and integrated solution for donors that was still easy and flexible for staff members.