A reconfigurable toy house for modern day families

The Detacho toy house is a re-configurable toy house which can be separated and made into multiple homes, thus replicating issues such as divorce and the changing make-up of many modern day families.

The house itself is at first sight a singular family home, however it is able to adapt to different make ups and splits down the middle to form two or even three separate homes. It can also be re-arranged to represent more realistic housing such as semi-detached houses and multiple units can form terraced houses.

Its simple design, colours and figures encourage children to use their imagination and it allows them to project their feelings into the playscene. The range of Persona Figures represents new and existing people who may come into the child's life following parental separation such as step-parents and step siblings; thus allowing them to roleplay and imagine them in the playscene.
The magnetic parent figures kiss when their hair is rotated so that they show a smiley face and when their hair is turned to a frown or sad face, they repel; thus moving apart and only kissing on the cheek.